The mission of the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center is to inspire and educate our community by providing a venue for gatherings, performances, art, and education that enriches and sustains our rural character and traditions.

Located 20 miles north of Nevada City, the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center gives the rural San Juan Ridge community a local place to meet, to share its creativity, and to participate in a wide variety of enriching activities.

We strive to provide programming that enhances our community life.  Over the years we have hosted hundreds of unique cultural events with artists, musicians, and writers from all over the world.  We also host film screenings, community forums, classes, festivals, and the nationally renowned Sierra Storytelling Festival.



The Schoolhouse was built by the mining community in 1875 to serve the community as a school and public meeting hall.


In 1979 it was forced to shut down as a school by legislation requiring earthquake-proof construction.


It reopened as a community Cultural Center in 1982 after extensive restoration undertaken by two local architects, with the help of dedicated volunteers.

Executive Director

Good Day from your NEW Executive Director!
Please accept my thanks in welcoming me to my new role here at our beloved Schoolhouse!
How precious this historical landmark is to so many people….I am included in that group.
I have learned & experienced quite a lot while I have been the administrative assistant,volunteer coordinator,event co-runner,host,concessions seller, etc.; for the last 11 years….& now I am looking forward to the Directorship.
The North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center is a treasure and I will tend to it’s needs & programs with a full and steady heart.

Aubrey Puetz


Executive Assistant

Alexa Wondergem, Bookkeeper

Board of Directors

Samantha Hinrichs, President

Marty Mosman, Secretary

Phil Ruckrich

Holly Tornheim

Nancy Lorenz

Jonathan Finegold

Cosmo Merryweather

Aria Griffis

Della Heywood

Seven board members on the front porch of the Schoolhouse