List of People Interviewed

The organizers would also like to thank all the people who agreed to be interviewed for the project. We could not have told this story without your willingness to share yours (in alphabetical order – primary role in project listed):

Betsy Abrams, former teacher

James Berardi, current principal and superintendant

Bruce Boyd, original general contractor, parent

Brian Buckley, former administrator

Roo Cantada, parent & librarian

Shelly Covert, former student

Doc Dachtler, parent, volunteer & former teacher

Caleb Dardick, former student

Jaimie des Tombe, parent & former student

Julie des Tombe, former student

Theo des Tombe, parent & former student

Bob Eiermann, carpenter, volunteer & parent

Bob Erickson, craftsperson & parent

Peter Fortunato, caretaker, volunteer

Stefanie Freydont, craftsperson & parent

Mary Gilliland, caretaker, volunteer

Jeff Gold, original general contractor

Jonathan Keehn, craftsperson

Ron Kenedi, staffperson

Charlotte Killigrew, parent

Jon Klingelhofer, carpenter

Mondy Kowal, former board member, parent & former student

Kurt Lorenz, former teacher & board member

Nancy Lorenz, former teacher

Darlene Markey, parent & former teacher

Bill McQuerry, former teacher

Ron Mehrkens, volunteer

Margo (Kenedi) Meredith, cook & parent

Pietro Milano, former principal & teacher

Tony Mociun, former teacher

Kris (Schell) Murphey, former student

DeOnne Noel, parent & former board member

Lars Ortegren, parent

Gary Snyder, volunteer, contributor & parent

Shelley Spalding, former board member, clerk of the works, parent

Holly Tornheim, craftsperson & parent

Jenny Travers, former teacher & parent

Steve Winkel, on-site inspector