Tony Mociun: Romance of the Sea

Romance of the Sea

Memories, Stories and Video with Tony Mociun, Trey Demarest, David Samuels & Gary Snyder

Thursday, May 9th~ 8pm

Have you ever looked out to sea and spied a huge cargo ship sailing off into the distance and wondered where it was going, who was on board and what life at sea is like?  On Thursday 9 May retired captain Tony Mociun along with the NOT retired chief engineer Trey Demarest will share their experiences of a life at sea. One of Tony’s pals, David Samuels, who rode on a couple of Tony’s ships will share some of his memories of going to sea and how the contairerization of cargo has changed this industry.  Special guest Gary Snyder will share a short story and a couple of poems about his time as a ‘wiper’ on the T-2 tanker Sappa Creek. Come and hear some sea stories.  There will be a short video chronicling what it is really like to be on a ship. It ain’t the Love Boat!

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