International Photography by Michael Black- on display now!

International Photography by Michael Black

A special show on display at the Schoolhouse October 10th- December 2nd

 By appointment only~ Please call (530) 265-2826 or email [email protected]

Michael was a peaceful warrior who traveled the world and tried to make a difference in people’s lives. He helped many. Michael was on the island of Tinos, Greece when he passed away tragically and suddenly at the age of 30 from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident.

At that time he was studying the art of analog photography with his teacher Sebran D’Argent, a famous Paris photographer, who was mentoring other young photographers. Michael was in his fourth year of mentorship and getting ready to show his photos in Paris when he passed away. Michael had traveled extensively through the U.S., Mexico, India, Australia, Turkey, and many other places in Europe taking photographs and inspiring many wherever he went. He had a strong sense of justice and equality and was a mentor himself to many.

These photographs were taken in the high Himalayas near the Nepalese border on one of his trips to India in 2018 and near Pushkar, where he spent most of his down time. The displayed photographs were taken with a vintage Rolleiflex camera and are in a square 10 x 10 format.

Michael’s many gifts and abilities included capturing the essence or heart of people whether it was taking photographs or merely having a conversation with them. His photographs reach people on a heart level as did he. His love for humanity, earth’s many living creatures, and the environment is embraced in each his photographs.

 By appointment only~ Please call (530) 265-2826 or email [email protected]

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