Artist Reception May 11th 2- 6 pm

The Surrealist & Ethereal Paintings of
Della Heywood & John Michael Keating

On display at the North Columbia Schoolhouse

May & June 2019

Reception Saturday May 11th

from 2pm to 6pm

“In this series “Visual Koans”, the artist has opened to the impulse to paint images which could never have been consciously intended. The surprise is as much the artist’s as the viewer’s. One can only say that there may be something else guiding the artists’ hand and intention, and for that we can only look to the result, as confounding as it may be, to see that there exist ideas which are irrational and yet convey much. This has always been the nature of Koans.” ~Della Heywood

“The images in my paintings come from two worlds: the one we experience when we are awake during our daily lives, and the dream world we live in while we’re asleep. Since both worlds are equally real, the paintings seldom distinguish between them.” ~ John Michael Keating

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