Steve Oda & Joe Fajen with Ludi Hinrichs|Sunday, May 29

WHAT: North Indian Classical Concert.
WHERE: North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center
WHEN: Sunday, May 29, 2016
TIME: Show starts at 4:00 P.M. Doors open at 3:30P.M.
TICKETS: online and at BriarPatch Co-op, Mother Truckers



Join Steve Oda, master of the Sarod, Joe Fajen on tabla, and Ludi Hinrichs on tamboura for the 2nd in a series of Sunday concerts at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center on the San Juan Ridge, near Nevada City, California. The event starts at 4PM on May 29th, and is open to all ages.

Sarod is the Afghan-Indian ancestor to the modern slide guitar. Cousin of the sitar, has a wide range of sound and expression possibilities, from bold and brassy tones to delicate, sensuous melodies.

Steve Oda spent years under the guidance of the late maestro of the sarod, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, and has developed his craft further through international performances and an active teaching schedule in the Bay Area. Starting out at age seven in his native Toronto on Hawaiian slide guitar, his interests led him to jazz guitar, with a strong interest in the music of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and others. But it was the study of North Indian classical music (Raga) that really took hold in the early 1970’s, especially the sarod playing of his teacher, Ali Akbar Khan.

About this performance:

Joe Fajen: “I have found Steve to have this incredible, humble connection from the heart, with deep resonance for, and love of the subtle art form of Raga. Joining him on tabla is a true pleasure for me. He brings a quality of selflessness to his sarod playing, so that when we play together, I feel like we are playing one instrument. I’ve been wanting to bring him to Nevada County for many years, and now it is finally happening. I’m delighted and can’t wait for May 29th! “

Here’s what Steve Oda says about Joe: “ Joe has such a wonderful musical sensitivity. The role of tabla is essential to me in terms of complementing, supplementing and enhancing empathy.” About the music itself, from the mouth of Ali Akbar Khan: “The music we’re performing is not for money, fame, mental joys but as a path for self realization.”

Ludi Hinrichs: “Our Schoolhouse audience is in for a rare treat with these two brilliant performers. Joe has joined me in numerous settings on tabla and trombone; he tunes in to the nuances and brings such joy and humor to performances. After talking to Steve over the phone the other day, I feel really charged about the concert, and the richness that comes through this man in his passion for such a deep art form”


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