RJ Mischo and Paris Slim

Don’t forget to set your clocks back– Back to Blues Time!
RJ Mischo is an award-winning, world-renowned Blues singer, harmonica player and band leader. He is the kind of entertainer that only twenty years of international touring experience can bring to the stage. RJ’s music is a combination of originals and obscure gems that create an exciting mix of Grooving Boogies, Bump & Grind Shuffles and Electric Chicago Blues
Mix that with Paris Slim (a.k.a.Frank Goldwasser), who dropped out of art school in his native Paris to respond to an invitation by Oakland bluesman SonnyRhodes to move to the San Francisco Bay Area in the spring of 1983 to pursue his musical aspirations. Paris Slim is one of the most accomplished and inspired guitatists on today’s California Blues scene. With extreme sensitivity, he displays a perfect mastery of his instrument and a deep knowledge of his subject. Together they will rock your socks off!

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Tickets also available at Briar Patch and Mother Truckers.

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