Pure Gold: Just Like My Hands — Art Reception | Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pure Gold, Just Like My Hands is a group show curated by Molly Jochem, which will explore the Diggings on the San Juan Ridge. These stark landscapes bring up issues around the balance of old technology and new ways of life, the tension between individual freedom and corporate power, the value of people, profits, progress, life, and money.

The Diggings tell a story of destruction and greed but they also have a certain stark beauty and represent renewal and a century of healing. This is a visual approach to asking questions. How have our resources changed and how they have remained the same? How does population influx and technological development have an influence on using old practices? What can we do with the vast swaths of land that our forefathers have altered so dramatically?


Molly’s inspiration for curating this show and investigating these questions stem from growing up next to the intensely alien moonscape that is the Malakoff Diggings, being in constant questioning about the benefit/harm ratio inherent in all mining, and needing to address the subject from an artistic/visionary perspective.

Exhibition open through Monday, December 1, 2014
Reception on SUNDAY, November 16, 2014 • 5 to 8 PM

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