Film Night with Bob Greensfelder | Friday, January 17, 2014

Join local legend and once-upon-a-time film producer Bob Greensfelder for a night of film and conversation. In 1967 and 1972, Bob produced two avant garde films: a short titled “Oncle Yanco” with director Agnès Varda, and a short-length feature titled “Dreamwood” with director James Broughton. Bob will be on hand to answer questions following this screening.

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Doors 6:30 PM
$7 adults, $3 kids
Popcorn, desserts and drinks

“Oncle Yanco” Synopsis: While in San Francisco for the promotion of her last film in October 1967, Agnès Varda, tipped by her friend Tom Luddy, gets to know a relative she had never heard of before, Jean Varda, nicknamed “Yanco”. This hitherto unknown uncle lives on a boat in Sausalito, is a painter, has adopted a hippie lifestyle and loves life. The meeting is a very happy one. (22 mins)

“Dreamwood” Synopsis: Considered by many to be both James Broughton’s finest work and a masterpiece in American avant garde film, Dreamwood narrates the oniric quest of a modern argonaut in a mysterious island located somewhere on the borders of the unconscious. Jungian at times, Dreamwood is an enticing journey through sexual, fecal and esoteric imagery. Subotnick’s haunting music, sometimes synchronized with the action, adds to the poetic setting and lends the film a further dimension in rhythm and otherworldliness. (45 mins)


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