Alaska Revisited! Slideshow with Reinette Senum

Alaska Revisited 

 Slideshow with Reinette Senum 

Thursday, April 11~ 8pm

“Humorous and animated in its telling, Alaska Revisited is the story of a young woman whose search for answers about her family roots leads her to the Alaskan wilderness. Traveling over 1500 miles alone and hauling a sled weighing 160 pounds, this 27 year old self made pioneer finds joy and indescribable strength as she struggles with the elements. Battling sub freezing temperatures, exhaustion and the vast loneliness of the Alaskan wild, Senum navigates her way down the frozen Yukon River on a one woman odyssey that’s trials and triumphs are hers alone. This one woman show features photos and video from the expedition. Join Senum as she weaves a courageous, heartfelt tale about self-discovery and the power of the human spirit.”



“Reinette Senum is the kind of woman you read about in heroes’ journeys and classic Jack London stories about survival and peril in the wilderness…  revealing a piece about self-discovery, courage and the kind of epic-scale adventure we rarely encounter.” Nirmala Nataraj, San Francisco Chronicle 


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