IMAGINATRIX -The Terence McKenna Experience

Film artist Ken Adams presents IMAGINATRIX -The Terence McKenna Experience on

Saturday, Nov. 10th at 6 pm.

Terence McKenna was a renegade intellectual and avid advocate for psychedelic society.

His humor and intelligence re-vitalized discussions around cognitive liberty and the essential role of imagination for human existence.

McKenna extolled psychedelic experience as both a sacred birthright and an exuberant invitation to life. He authored several seminal books and left a treasure of memes echoed endlessly with social media.

IMAGINATRIX is an experiment in psychedelic electronic cinema – catalyzed by an uncanny series of personal events.

Ideas stream thru an overfull ecology of mind – tracing powerful ramifications while munching exotic soundscapes.

Created with ecstatic intentions.

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