Bone Dust Prayers

An Intimate Evening of Music and Dance

Wednesday, June 13th

Doors at 6:30/ Show at 7


Randy McKean,  (saxophone and clarinets)

Ludi Hinrichs,  (trombone and keyboards)

Shadow Cabinet, ( a collective of movers and musicians exploring diverse themes through improvisation and performance)

Shari Brookler, Amber Cone,  Maxima Kahn, Azriel La Marca, Juliet Lin, Marcy Risque, Trina Spiller, Murray Campbell, Randy McKean

Bone Dust Prayers will be the culmination of six months of movement investigations. A major theme is Mother – the challenges and joys of the mother-child relationship – how as children we individuate, seek comfort, and test the boundaries, and how as mothers we carry the burdens of continuity and fulfillment.  


Tickets 15$ Members & Advance/ 18$ at the door. Available at Mother Truckers, Briar Patch & right here: 

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